Best football cleats for running backs

Speed is the most important part of a football game. It can make or break a match easily especially if you are a running back. With the popularity of football all around the world. The running back is one of the most important characters of the match. But to get the full potential you need a football cleat. So, this article will cover the best football cleats for running backs.

The winning depends on the running backs speed and ability to get across. To get the agility, cuts, grips you need the best football cleats for running backs. So, the football cleats can’t be ignored and they are very important to get the most out of a player. In this article, all the important aspects, as well as the best options available in the market, will be stated. 

This review is based on personal experience, research, and experts’ opinion. So, without further ado let’s get right into it.

Buying guide for the best football cleats for running backs

Some things make or break the deal. These things can’t be overlooked. To get the best option look for the following attributes in the football cleats:


Durability is the most important attribute of a football cleat because football is a very rough and ruthless game. With so much running, a non-durable shoe will not even last a whole month. So, get a durable one while you’re at it.

Stable cleat

A stable cleat is a must. Because with a lot of movement on the field. The player needs stability on the ankle. So, get the football cleats that are stable.


Comfort is the main thing. Uncomfortable football cleats will be a problem in your performance in the game. So, get a comfortable one that will give you comfort and room while playing.


A heavy weight football cleat will restrict the movement and decrease performance. So, a lightweight football cleat is the only option to go for. In this way, you will move easily and comfortably.

Types of football cleats

Before hopping into the best football cleats for running backs it is important to know the types of it. So, let’s discuss the three main types.


The low collar football cleat gives you a lot of maneuverability as well as speed. It is very lightweight but the only downside to the low collar is the low protection to your ankle in the field.


The medium collar is the best of both worlds with being lightweight as well as protecting the ankle. This gives you comfort as well as movement along with protection.


The high top football cleats are the least used because of their heavyweight that restricts the movement as well as are not the most comfortable in the field.

Our top-picks for the best football cleats for running backs


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1. Under Armour Speed Form MC Football Cleats: best football cleats 2021



Our top pick is the Under Armour Speed form mc. We believe that 100% of the material used in making Under Armor will improve player performance. One of the reasons why this video is so important for its reviews is its ability to offer users high comfort.


 These under armour low cut football cleats are accessible thanks to the upper wedge which allows you to align your feet properly. Another advantage of the Under Armor soccer ball, made with stoves, is that it gives a strong and durable look. It’s just because of Pebax’s outer ankle.


 Consumers can be assured that they can behave well in the field without interference as a big case. Under Armor Speed from men’s soccer sneakers is a well-designed heel reinforcement that can add comfort to feet. They are designed to mimic the actual growth of your legs. Not only for running backs it is the best football cleats for a quarterback, best football cleats for wide receiver, best football cleats for turf.


So why miss it, go and get yours now.


2. Nike men vapor Untouchable pro-3: best football cleats for speed


Best football cleats for running backs

If you are looking for the best football cleats that can handle this weight while playing, Men’s Vapor is the right choice for you. This column has a strong synthetic mesh that is very durable.


Nike Vapor men’s shoes are safe for your feet because their synthetic mesh material is treated with an antimicrobial agent that prevents Odor or moisture. The Nike Vapor for Men is designed with an extraordinary shape and feel that allows you to maneuver with clear cuts and increase speed during the game. 


 The round mesh structure of this Nike best football cleats shoes centralizes your feet for easy movement and provides you with firm support for your ankle. The fabric used to make these shoes must be light and knitted.


 The Nike Vapor features a carbon fiber that securely connects 14 hooks and provides extra strength, traction, and versatility on the back. The men’s flexible Steam Top Cover Nike is perfectly designed to allow the legs to bend smoothly without causing muscle fatigue. It was rated as the best football cleats in 2020.


3. Adidas Freak X Football cleats: best Adidas football cleats


Best football cleats for running backs

Next on our list is the Adidas Freak X football cleats which are the best football cleats for skill positions too. Here’s why the Adidas Freak X Carbon is on our list. One of the great things about supporting the heel: ankles is that it is the key to increasing strength when you face opponents on the court. It is also useful because it can hold well, which is the most important thing to prevent it from falling back on the field.


 You can also get extra support from the heel head, which is a big plus when turning. In addition, due to the elongated neck, increases your stability. High stability is what you can achieve when you need to move fast. Thanks to the carbon foot of this cover, it is easy to stand and turn quickly. Maintaining a running position should be a reason to look for soccer shoes that best support the heel.


 Another great feature of this Adidas shoe is its durability. It is quite difficult to spend at least one season. This is a lightweight football shoe with matching straps to optimize stretch zones, which is a good idea if you want to maximize your versatility. This is one of the most beautiful football shoes from Adidas. In addition, due to its anatomical properties, you will feel as comfortable as possible on the court.


 4. Nike vapor edge football cleats:


Best football cleats for running backs

The Nike vapor edge non-slip pair of cleats is another option you should keep an eye on. These lightweight football cleats offer the speed you need to play. Players love the speed and versatility of this shoe. Designed for speed and mobility. Following the example of 2019 Vapor Untouchable, the latest iteration of the Nike Vapor range is inspired and designed based on feedback from true professional players. 


The Vapor Edge series uses a secure 360 ° Fly knit mesh with a durable NIKESKIN cover. Thanks to its versatile movement function, Nike also widens the gap between the bolts of the quick-grip cartridge and ensures traction during flight.


 The inner cushion of these best football cleats for linemen offers flexibility to the feet, while an elastic and breathable cuff surrounds the ankle for extra support and comfort. The unique Ghost connector system pulls out and quickly hides for a clean and shiny look. Choose from standard or bold colors and get ready to display your content online with this football boot.


5. Adidas Adi-Zero 8-star football cleat:


Best football cleats for running backs

Adidas Adi-zero is one of the best lightweight football cleats. This aerodynamics prepares you quickly and efficiently; something your enemy may not be happy with. This shoe is designed to be easy to put on and take off, features sock-like fabrics on the upper, and has a lock that you should wear. it gives you the energy you need to get the job done.


 Plus, these slim buttons are a “sleek look” for those interested in “on the court” fashion and this can be called the best looking football cleats. Lightweight single-layer “Sprint Skin” ensures quick fit and function. With these benefits, you can be sure of reaching the end when you are open.


 Sufficiency is normal, so you don’t need to increase or decrease the size to make sure it fits. And if all else fails, there are at least 30 color options to choose from. The only downside is that if you have wide feet, these shoes are not for you. It is the best football cleats for tight end


6. Nike Alpha Strike 2 Football Cleats:


Best football cleats for running backs

If you decide to take a look at Nike Alpha Strip 2 football boots, you will probably appreciate it too. At this point, we guarantee the quality of the primary, and we are confident that we can use it to withstand any challenge on the field. This is possible, but there are still powerful drag and drop keys. These are the best Nike football cleats. 


Because artificial leather is used for external purposes, it is lightweight but has good strength. It’s lightweight, so I think it’s quick and easy to change direction. I also noticed that Nike does not reduce the comfort of this shoe. No matter what it does on the site, these best football cleats for flat fleet are very comfortable. we think the port is smooth because it is well designed. Low-cost, arguably one of the safest places in football today.


 We also noticed the ability of this football shoe to provide the right comfort under your feet. You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. This is because a TPU consists of 10 packets and has a very good grip.


 There is also plaster support in the event of a side injury. This is due to the presence of the neck at 3/4 height. Another important advantage of this system is that it has a flexible adjustment system that allows it to be held without interruption. It is one of the most comfortable football cleats


FAQs about the best football cleats for running backs


What are the best cleats for football?


There are a lot of options available in the market for the best cleats for running backs. But the big three are under armor, Nike, and Adidas. All the best products of each are given in the article. Each has its pros and cons. 


Which type is the best running back cleats?


Among the three mid, low, and high collars. The mid-collar football cleat is the best running back cleats. It is the best in terms of both safety and performance as well as weight. It gives you free movement in the field.


What are the things to look for in the running back football cleats?


Football cleats for linebackers and running backs are very important. Some things like weight, comfort, durability are the things to look for to get the best cleats for football.




So, there you have it the review to the best football cleats for running backs. With is one of the most essentials in the field. The football cleats are a must-have essential. 


We hope after reading the article you will be able to find the best one for you that will be the bang for your buck.


If you still have a question or a recommendation don’t hesitate to drop a comment.


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